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tv   Bill Hemmer Reports  FOX News  November 30, 2020 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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>> it gave us distractions. are you a monolith or anti- monolith? could get that picture of that rock in the lower left it looks like a dinosaur. check it out. mark my words cremate you a cal it back. nice to see you. >> fox news alert for the senat together any moment. along to do list before we get on the agenda. the government getting the defense bulletin and getting another shot giving americans much-needed release as they covid cases arise in the lockdown spreads. hope you had a great turkey day. we are back at it today where there was another sign of progress in the fight against covid 19. the drugmaker the fda for approval pair the ceo telling
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foxbusiness there is immediate expected in about two and a hal weeks and dosis could shift out within a day or two if that goe well. in a moment, my guest today say that schedule is unacceptable. so far this month, more than 4 million new cases in the u.s. committed to vaccine candidates now in the closing stretch the top public health official data sounding more optimistic. >> we believe we are going to have people getting vaccinated commit millions of people befor christmas this year. its just unheard of in the history of public health. >> fox contributor, nice to see you today. a herd you the other night. you see the fda schedule is a farce essentially in that we could be vaccinating americans today. make your case. >> the country has taken tremendous sacrifices. we are waiting for this while standing back and the fda got
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the application on october 22nd. why are they waiting three weeks ? why are they as scheduling the review for december 10th? the review committee is not interviewing subjects and volunteers, they're not looking under a microscope at the cells of the virus they are simply reading a piece of paper with the numbers, we have an interne now, they can get those numbers in real time. europe does a rolling review an they turn things around quicker. britain is slated to give the beef vaccine before the nine states for the same vaccine. the fda is taking too much time and i don't know if there scheduling around vacation time and teetimes of the reviewers, but they should turn this application around in 24 hours. >> i was reading a scripture that says december 17th is when they will give us an answer. think about operation were up speed. all the regulations all the walls were broken down to make sure these vaccines are on the
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fast track. why is this trapdoor still out there in this entire mix? >> the reason is, that the fda was designed to be slow, the military was designed to respon quickly the fda was designed to take thurgood old-time and review things in the name of safety and independence. if you talk to people there, they have clearly want off any of the appointees. you may argue the administratio is trying to move this quicker, it's the career staff there tha has completely walled off anyon else and they are taking their time. >> you believed it vaccine decisions could be turned aroun in 24 hours. >> is there another side of this ? hit it says perhaps go slow and make sure it's right vaccine cracks.
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>> i absolutely believe they ca turn it around in 24 hours. there have been different studies in the past, you look a the statistical output spread that's the job. they can do it quickly. the purpose of a phase one and two trial is to evaluate safety. safety is the argument of procrastinators. at this point, they're using th argument that they are doing it slow to ensure safety. >> it's an amazing statement to make impaired it's almost a miracle we got this far this fast. >> why are they scheduling a meeting for december 10th and december 17th. they should concede emergency board meeting. >> it's too late. doctor marty macquarie, thank you for your time. may be someone is listening, okay? >> thanks, bill. another alert right now. secretary of state saying his office is investigating more
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than tuna 50 cases of possible voter fraud. one case involves third-party groups accused of encouraging people who do not live in georgia deregistered to vote in the state. what have we found so far? >> bill, so far georgia electio officials say at least 23 investigators are investigating more than 250 open cases, cases which could be voter fraud, but as of yet, they have not been verified to be verified, these are things like double voting, dead people voting, absentee ballots, exceeding the number o an absentee ballot request. none of these have been verified . georgia election officials say at this point, nothing jumps of the page that suggest that thes accusations could change the results varied the results of gores joe biden with more than 12,000 vote lead. being recounted for the third time. in addition you mentioned third-party groups the secretar of state for georgia warned tha
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there are a number of third-party groups trying to recruit people to vote in the georgia senate runoff elections on january 5th. people from out of state are getting college students here t try to change their registrations and change back the secretary of state warned, illegal voting here is a felony. >> these third-party groups hav a responsibility to not encourage illegal voting. if they do so, they will be hel responsible. >> president trump will be here in georgia on saturday to campaign for the too republican senate candidates. bill, back to you. >> updates back to you as we get . he olver his cabinet nominees. the this is what a hillary clinton in ministration would have looked like the head she won in 2016. want to bring in our monday tea right now. good data both of of you, gentlemen. let's get back at it, mark.
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what you think about the point of going back in time her? >> that's what you do. the democrats are going back to their establishment. first of all the president should have the right did to make his own cabinet. it's no into his worked with before brady was vice president in the obama biden administration for years, so he picked obama secretary of state obama's deputy secretary of state, obama's fed chief to fil his cabinet. the people who most are most unhappy with most of these announcements are the warren, cortez, because there is no elizabeth warren in the treasury . there is no bernie sanders at labor, so this is the revenge o the establishment. >> is that where the rub ultimately will be? >> so far we haven't seen that. i take mark's point, but there' if there's one thing that can b said about that wing of the democratic party is there not
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wallflowers. when their upset, they let everybody know at. as well as folks from the cente and left have embraced everybod you've named so far. whether you're talking about th treasury or tandon at omb, so s far i think i agree with mark. people he's worked for a lot of these people were aides to either him or president obama i the last administration. so far he's managed to keep fin people that satisfy both sides of the democratic party. can get the truth is he's only been out of office for four years. there is not a ton that changes in a four year period. you would expect that from him, mark. marco rubio called it going bac to the normal. that left america dependent on communist china.
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>> i am as concerned as any republican should be at thereabout the direction that a president would want to take ou foreign policy. i'm concerned about the middle east because one of them great accomplishments as been not one not two, but three middle east peace deals. he has lined up several countries who are ready to strike more deals. we will have more if the biden team doesn't screw it up. if they go back and think that they're going to return to the status quo in 2016, they're going to screw it up right they've have to understand what trump got right and they got wrong. you never have as separate but they said they was the key to peace, but it was the maximum pressure campaign they gave the arab nations the confidence to strike these deals. if they revert to the policies of 2016, they are going to mass mess up something, one of the greatest accomplishments and potential accomplishments. you could have the entire
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persian gulf region of peace deal, but if they go back to coddling iran and coddling the palestinians, they're not going to get it. to give me know at what the trump doctrine was. it was america first, but what is shaping up to be the biden doctrine. >> i think first and foremost he's been trying to send a signal to the multi- literalism is back. they sort of go it alone, my wa or the highway approach, that donald trump took alienated a lot of our allies. so what he's saying, whether it is with the nominee for secretary of state, the nationa security adviser or un ambassador, is that we are goin to reestablish our leadership amongst our allies. so far we've been hearing a sig of relief from many of those allies. i think that's sort of the earl signal.
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which is less foreign policy related. its more global. we are going to capital he has been taking moves to establish that. >> every country is on retreat right now. we are watching the clock and w will see when that breaks. moe, thank you. marks, thanks to you as well. republicans have the winning message in the house. they had a net gain with summar still outstanding. not a lot of people called that one bright tensions in the middle east after someone assassinated a to iranian nuclear scientist. the founder of the program who was behind that move and what does it mean for a biden of ministration? we will have an inside look. alive look at chicago after a blood he holiday weekend 37
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>> watching the u.s. senate floor awaiting mitch mcconnell to the big day of work since th holiday weekend. ten legislative days left. some big items to do. we will take you their life as soon as it begins. another alert, watch the story. iranian leaders demanding
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punishment against israel after iran accuses israeli forces of sense of man behind tehran nuclear program. he started the program. israel has not commented. nice to see you again and good afternoon to you. when he was taken out last january, that began 2020, it seemed as though iran held its fire. in this case what do they do next you think? >> and my mother's view. the same. the iranian regime of course go two major losses, leadership losses that you have just explained, but they are and what's happening in the united states, we are in a transition time, we don't know how this is going to end by the iranians know very well that in this transitional time, if they hit both the administration they ca hit back and it could be very
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bad for the iranians. most likely, they are going to threaten, they're going to send a lot of threats. >> you think they keep the powder dry from that. >> am sure use of the about a remote-controlled machine gun operated from a pickup truck. what have you seen about that? >> i have seen this and i've seen other versions, and they are revealing many versions, bu others in the region are talkin about this very special operation. inside iran, there is a force either intelligence or opposition or a combined force that can really target iranian leaders per eight this is not t the advantage of the iranian regime. >> taking up for saudi arabia, what do you think the trump tea can login over the next 50 days?
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>> that two very important issues in saudi arabia. number one, the prime issue is that they need to inform their partners. they need to inform their partners including mostly and the ruler of saudi arabia about what is coming. remember coming although not signing buddy at the abraham accord, others are guaranteeing that activity so he has to be informed number one. they are going to make sure tha those reforms continue and that they are partners with us to contain iran. the u.s. delegation were raised with them which is. they have been at odds since 2017. i don't think they're going to be results in the next 50 days about that matter. what does that look like four
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years later? >> i think in the first year he's going to go slow on its bright a lot of things have changed in the region. of anything's. the second year and the third year will be the time where he' going to be back to the deal. he is going to have the administration if all goes well. they are ready to go back, it's up to them to let go of some of the radical positions or they'r going to miss the train again. >> there is something that says saudi arabia is allowing to use its airspace to. the reason this is significant is because things are changing so fast and that reason. region and we will see if that progress goes forward. nice to see you. come back soon. protecting religious liberty in the middle of a health crisis for the u.s. supreme court blocking governor cuomo's restrictions on places of worship. that 5-4 decision came down to
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12:25 pm
placates chicago. over the week and six people were killed in 24 shot. if you backup the timeframe to wednesday when the holiday we can begin wednesday afternoon you're talking about nine peopl killed and 37 shots. that all according to numbers from the chicago police. to men in black ski mask fired on a six -year-old in a car. please say that person was arme with a gun he was shot in the face and protest pronounced dead . these numbers are an increase i violent spreads compared to thanksgiving week and last year shootings are up 46 percent, murders have doubled. year to date, there is a 53 percent increase in shootings for the same timeframe last year . also showing a dramatic increas are shots taken at police. chicago cops have been fired on 71 times is compared tuesday 18 shots taken at cops last year almost a 300 percent increase.
12:26 pm
on saturday, a person in the part of town called west rogers park was arrested for allegedly carrying an open container. he opened fire on police, they shot back. he was arrested for attempted murder commit remarkably in tha exchange of gunfire, no one was hurt. >> a tough one there again. thank you, mike. >> it is inconceivable. you would think if you're in th fbi or the department of justice , this is this is the biggest thing you could be looking at. where are they? i've not seen anything. they just keep moving along. they go onto the next president. >> that was from the interview on sunday where president trump said the feds are missing in action regarding claims of alleged voter fraud. the presidents legal team is even as arizona today certifies that states vote for joe biden. that contributor, and ecstasy
12:27 pm
you, andy good afternoon to you. what do you thing about this claim of the doj, missing in action on these claims? >> i don't really think there's much to it. attorney general bar got a lot of criticism by saying that the fbi should look into any seriou allegations of election fraud. the standard of proof, the standard of proof in civil case is lower than what you need in criminal cases to get a conviction it all of the presidents civil cases, that hi lawyers have filed, either alleging fraud or alleging frau and then reneging on alleging fraud have all been thrown out of court because there's no proof. if they can't prove a civil case , how are they going to prove a criminal case? >> 15 days away, that's decembe college. arizona certified the differenc was about 10,000 votes between
12:28 pm
biden and trump a bit earlier today. turning your attention to the u.s. supreme court decision given out over the thanksgiving holiday. in tweet quite curious, ben rhodes who worked for the obama administration said the new illegitimate overturning the policy to put more lives in danger. this has to do with your rights to worship and your rights together, but i thought the lin about illegitimate, is that how the left is going to characterize the decisions that they do not find favorable over the next year? or four years, or beyond, andrew ? >> i don't think it will be fou years, but it will be for a while. if any decision that is 5-4 fou and justice is on the majority of, they are obviously going to continue that political narrative. is the one they developed durin the confirmation. i don't think anyone can fairly looks at the decision from last week would see it that way
12:29 pm
because there was a more solid majority than 5-4 for the proposition that the cuomo restrictions were unreasonable. there were a number of other justices who weren't ready to g there because they said that they had been muted, that cuomo had basically taken those areas out of his red and orange restrictions and therefore the court should look at the case, but they're much wasn't much of a defense about what cuomo was doing. get there is another, and amino ponds thursday december 3rd. the justice to issue its deadline in new jersey for restricting religious gathering there. do we now know how this is goin to turn out? >> i think everyone who asks going forward, bill, has to do so that is every state and ever state official going forward ha to act now mindful of what the supreme court has just said about this, which is that
12:30 pm
religious rights are fundamenta rights under the constitution and they can't be treated worse than what the state officials want to call essential activity. if you're going to permit wide berths to activities because yo say it's essential, you have to respect people's fundamental rights to worship. >> 5-4, perhaps justice roberts. he sided with the liberals on the court, but i think if you read further into that decision he essentially said the case hasn't reached a point where yo need me to weigh in on it. nevertheless it was 5-4 and eva are cuomo has lost his battle a the u.s. supreme court. and he can, but we hope you com back on thursday and we will se how new jersey goes than. republicans picking up a few seats in the house leading little room for it as a group w one she flipped her district in california per ag is coming upright progressives are to wip out student debt.
12:31 pm
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i could have ever made because it gave me peace of mind. ♪ >> nearly a month since the election but a number of races still outstanding. democrats excepted to control the chamber, but just slightly because republicans were able t chip away at the two parties majority. we pick it up from there, alexandria, virginia and more today. good afternoon. >> good afternoon, bill. they are still counting looking at races in new york state and california. here is what we know. let me ride you through this right now. republicans have innate gain of nine seats the breakdown right now for congress in january is to hundred 20 too democrats to do hundred 25 republicans eight outstanding races. republican claudia tenney is trying to take back his seat sh last two years ago to democrati representative anthony randy seabright she says she now lead the race by 13 votes when dc
12:36 pm
said he was up. and an iowa republican is clinging to a 6-foot lead over democrat rita hart following a recount. >> we have a really good election system aerate there were some differences in how each individual account he conducted the recount, the recount or it has to decide tha so it may be we need to have some other provisions in our state laws addressing how recount are done. >> this is what gets interestin article one section five of the constitution gives the house th right to judge election returns and has the final state of whic members it seats. it's going to be interesting if they seats which would be contested may be only one by a handful of votes whether or not there are challenges to those seats in those numbers when the new congress convenes come january. >> chad pergamon that today. thank you, sir. we're going to michelle steele out of california her is one of multiple seats, how are you doing, good afternoon?
12:37 pm
i know you're in washington, d.c. kenya explain why there were so many flips in 2020 from 2018? was it because of the republica party, was it california? was a president from? how would you enter that? >> actually commit it just come down to all these small businesses how are we going to help them. if it were me isaac to the less regulations for small businesses . small businesses, they could only last eight months, they really needed help, so we stick to the issues, and then we have a a lot of violations out there people just coming out and just kind of like protest, and we really wanted to help the polic department so i declared actually orange county as loss enforcement appreciation day. that helped another one. and people were very tired of locked down and you know it, i'
12:38 pm
the one that declared actually that houses of worship is essential. when people can go to market, people can go to walmart, why not go to church is? you know what's commit we just stick to the issues bear they really helped. >> so the issues on religious liberty really struck home for people living in your district if you look at the supreme cour decision over the weekend. you also mentioned police, did the defund the police movement help your candidacy and others do you think? >> it really did for me because my opponent actually joined the black lives matter and proteste to defund the police in front o police station and he joined them and later on he said no, i don't support defunding the police, but i was the one actually going out there. we have to be trained, but you know, that there are these police officers, they put their lives on the line to protect us so we really have to work with
12:39 pm
them, you can't defund them. >> you not working your distric in orange county, you can imagine it probably worked in other districts and other parts of the country. there has been a lot of talk about the election, the outcome the results, the president not happy with it. you think something funky was going on out there? how do you resolve that in your own mind? >> in california, actually abou his legal and that's exec they what happened in 2018. we did whatever we can come all the churches to help and everybody helped and tried to make sure that we are not our ballots are counted because every ballot is the voice of th people and it has to be counted. i don't think anything weird happened, but we worked really hard. >> when you talk about ballot harvesting chemic and you explained that? i think a lot of viewers are just getting to know this whole system and it really is state law in your state of california.
12:40 pm
>> it is, it is the law. democrat elected leader introduced a bill and democrati governor actually signed the bill that what they do is they can go to like skilled nursing care center or lake citizen apartment and you can collect those ballots, but you're supposed to do everything legally. you go there, and you help them and actually, when they ask you to questions on how to fill out and you help them and then ask them to sign it, seal it, then you can collect those ballots. i don't know exactly what happened in 2018, but they got lot of ballots harvested. >> do you think based on that definition, is that on the up and up do you believe? >> exactly what we did and then democrats tried to stop it it was illegal. what they are doing ballot harvesting, it is legal, and
12:41 pm
when republicans are doing it, it's illegal. >> so then, will we see more of this do you believe in other parts of the country? do you think republicans didn't need to get on the mail and ballot initiative in a way they haven't been at this point? to get you know what's commit not just mail-in ballots, but stick to the issues then you know what, people really listen to you right it's not like mailing ballot, ballot harvesting is one parts of it, but when you stick to the issue commit what are you need, how are you going to deliver and ho are you going to work with thos people are more important that is the way we got elected not just me, but young young kim, two korean first generation first-generation immigrant and then, people are tired of it when they said what are they going to do when they arrived and they never deliver. >> congratulations on your trip to washington, dc. i hope it's everything you made
12:42 pm
it out to be. a congresswoman elect, and as you say, stick to the issues an everything else falls in line. thank you for your time today. >> thank you. >> china didn't want me in because we were beating china s badly. and now they're getting china actually actually stated, you probably heard it two days ago, we want to deal with the united states, but we don't like america first. >> america for some depth the american policy. the obama administration pushed a pipit to aided asia and we will speak to the former ambassador to china about then and now and what to expect when joe biden takes the reins. use 'em before you lose 'em, backed by our 100-day guarantee!! visionworks. see the difference.
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>> joe biden's cam and it does looks a lot like a team of
12:47 pm
democratic insiders who will no help bring america together. senator tom cotton is one of them verity said biden wanted t unify but his pick for the national security team is weak on china. they sold visas for powerful political friends and a partisa hacker called susan collins the worst for ellen bay. so much for unity he concludes. it was a democratic senator for montana for three decades braid are, how are you doing and welcome to our program today. >> thank you very much. >> did unities stop on the morning of november 4th you think? >> no, certainly president-elec joe biden is going to do his utmost to try to encourage the congress to cooperate, work together including with business , with labor, and with other countries. that's his inclination he will do his best. i think that he will pursue tha quite effectively because joe i
12:48 pm
a decent guy, he's very persuadable, people like him. you just naturally like and whe you see him and talk to him, so. >> so what republicans are saying is that they're going to do a lot of talking and not a lot of doing, which is a little bit opposite about what has bee happening so far over the last four years. how would you respond to that, sir? >> will the question of what is joe biden going to do? he hasn't even been sworn in yet , that's not for another two months. we also won't know his full cabinet until they're impaired we don't have the secretary of defense it either. so he will first actually focus on domestic policy. stop this covid, helped get vaccines distributed. help people who need the help, the front-line workers and others who really need the vaccine. that will be his primary focus. in jobs, he's going to work wit the treasury secretary to help make sure there is enough dollars and in the economy so
12:49 pm
people can get back to work great on foreign policies going to wait a little bit he will be very firm, he will be clear right infirm on foreign policy of joe biden is no dummy he knows most of these leaders and he knows what's best for the united states. >> so what we're trying to figure out early in the program what is the biden doctrine? as i ask you that question, byron, your he talks about goodbye to peace through strength. and the idea is that you elevat diplomacy and deemphasize the u.s. military. is that where we're headed? >> i don't buy that for one minute and neither does joe biden. clearly, peace through strength is effective. the first try to negotiate diplomatically if that doesn't, sometimes you have to use other means and that means that sometimes is intervention. don't forget, joe biden is abou to be the secretary of state is more of an interventionist than
12:50 pm
many others. so you will find a very firm foreign-policy that they will want to build up to the best,. >> is he going to be shaking hands with tehran's president and going back to the iran nuclear deal? do you see that happening? >> that is very complicated wit the assassination of their top scientist in the rand, i wouldn't be too surprised if israel has something to do abou that nefarious ulterior motive was to complicate matters in th mideast and make things difficult for biden to try to reenter. it's very complicated. they are smart even around this track many many times as biden. >> so you admit that, it means that is quite remarkable what w watched in the past six months. >> it's remarkable for what it is. it's also remarkable for what i is not. it did not include the palestinians and the palestinians have to be include in some sort of resolution that has any chance of being durable
12:51 pm
and peaceful in the long run. >> thank you for stopping by, mister abbasid are. to help we can stop by. >> at like that. >> thank you, sir. more than a trillion dollars of student loan debt here in america alone. so how much would that cost taxpayers to erase all of it? we will break down the numbers only continue right after this. i felt like... ...i was just fighting an uphill battle in my career. so when i heard about the applied digital skills courses, i'm thinking i can become more marketable. you don't need to be a computer expert ♪ ♪ about the future now. ♪
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>> did you know there was more than $1.6 trillion in student debt here in the united states? progressive democrats have been pushing president-elect biden t forgive our cancel some student debt loan. it would be a major policy move for the upcoming the ministration. we are live in new york city to live through this, is this possible, jerry? will it be done? >> i mean, that's a great question, i guess anything is possible, the question is is it a good idea? the way progressives put it, yo
12:56 pm
would think forgiving $1.6 trillion would be just a great idea for borrowers and th economy, but when you look deeper, the benefits are questionable. let's start with the idea that debt forgiveness would be crew brass is benefiting low income americans are twits interesting left of center says no, and analysis conducted by adam looney, brookings senior fellow he says this, take a look at this. 65 percent of the benefits of forgiveness and $50,000 and as you know, that is the proposal from elizabeth warren. that would benefit the top two highest earning of americans, that's the wealthy folks. the bottom 60 percent of households, that's most of us, would receive only 34 percent o the benefit? why is this true? that's because nearly half of student loan debt underwrites said schools in most grad schoo is becoming a lawyer and a doctor and that's not exactly a
12:57 pm
recipe for progressive reform i you're going to give those folk all the money. president-elect joe biden proposal to forgive student loa debt isn't as forgiving as warranty would only forgive $10,000 and he argues that the forgiveness would act is a stimulus and spur spending, but scholars say probably not commi they disagree zain stimulus is about the here and now and loan forgiveness is about money owne five, ten, even 20 years down the road, so people may not spend now because they're going to get that forgiveness along time from now. one of the big questions here i whether higher ed would stop raising prices because the government is coming in. in fact the opposite would probably happen, if the government is coming in and giving more money with the probably do is raise their prices further. >> we will watch all of this fo you. i'm watching the markets today and coming off a black friday, weren't really sure how this wa going to go during the pandemic and how people would spend.
12:58 pm
one thing is clear so far. they are not so much going to the stores as they are buying online. what is your view of what you'r watching right now? >> you bet. it's interesting here that the major stores did not do a lot o advertising to promote people coming to the real stores and everybody shops online and online vendors have their best year ever. just to get into the markets here because you've got something of a selloff going on here. especially with the dow, this has been the most amazing november ever for the s&p 500 stocks and for the dow, it's th best november since 1928. so stocks have been on the role and even better news they are i it isn't just like the four big tech stocks
12:59 pm
>> a stray dog was adopted in the past few days. >> not seen donald trump or joe biden all day. we had the press interview with a lot of interesting things to say. we will see whether it pans out when the secretary of state gets ready to breathe.
1:00 pm
arizona certified its vote earlier by the margin of 10,000 between biden and trump. that state is now purple. we're here monday to friday. 3:00 eastern. soot your dvr. hope you had a great time with your family and turkey. ♪ >> neil: it is a wonderful time of the year. if you like to shop on-line. this cybermonday. that's what a lot of folks are do. of course here at fox. we're all working overtime. the last thing we do is shop, when we're surprised to be doing shows-- good, got it there. welcome i'm neil cavuto. this is well your shopping world on the day we got a reminder here. we love this ideas just cocooning and doing our buying at home and keysy. not necessarily at those old stores, because that's where the


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